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On the day of Heller’s life celebration, his grandmother (Mapa) said these words:

“Many people have mentioned the fact that this tragedy (the loss of our sunshine) is heightened by the fact that it happened around Christmas, and they wonder how we will ever get through another Christmas.

Christmas is Christ’s day and we will continue to celebrate Jesus on that day! But December 22nd will be a day reserved for celebrating the life of Heller, and we will celebrate on that day (and perhaps a few days prior to) the way he would want us to. On that day, we will go out and make a change, do a good deed, and let the world know that a little boy once lived for that special reason.”

So, on December 22nd, Heller’s friends and family will honor his memory by spreading random (and deliberate) acts of kindness to others. We encourage you to go out and spread some kindness of your own.

Then, if you would like to, please leave a comment or send an email to and share what you did, what you witnessed, or what others did for you so we may share Heller's impact with others. So we can remember that we are still celebrating his life!

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This year, we are making the choice to look forward to December 22nd! We cannot wait to share Heller's kindness with others. We know there will be difficult times as the date grows nearer, so we look forward to stopping by this site during those times to see what kindnesses are growing and to share stories of our kindnesses as well.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Boo Boo Kiss

A few days ago, I was coming into the house after picking up my son, Nicholas, from school. I found myself tripping over the dog, Nicholas’s shoes, the doorstep, the other dog, and finally, Nicholas.  Only seconds prior to this, I heard Nicholas yell, “Ow!”  He was trying to take off his shoes (directly in front of the doorway and me) and somehow he managed to snag a finger nail.  (This fact I learned later, as in the moment I was trying to get the dogs outside, the bags I held in my hand put on the counter, and myself into the much needed rest room.)After changing clothes, picking up a little around my room, and grabbing my laundry basket, I found my way back to the other side of the house to discover Nicholas slamming things around, grumbling at the dog, and kicking the side of the chair he was sitting on—clearly, a ploy for attention.

OK, I’ll bite.  “Why are you acting like this?”  I asked him. “You were in a great mood on the way home from school!”

“You don’t care about my hurts anymore, Mommy!”  He told me.  And then he showed me his hang nail.  “I said, ‘OW!’ and you didn’t even kiss my boo boo!”  Ahhhhh....The tender, loving kindness of the boo boo kiss.  There is no better medicine in the world!

It’s a simple kindness.  Acknowledge the source of the pain of others.  Help them to acknowledge it as well.  Associate the source of the pain with love and attention.  I assure you this will help to ease the pain.  Of course, the greater the pain is, the greater the need for love and attention may be.  But a simple boo boo kiss is a nice way to start.
Top: Heller, bravely showing his Mapa and me his bike mishap boo boo.  
Above:  Nicholas (Age 2) kissing his baby doll's boo boo and feeling very sad about the baby's pain.

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