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On the day of Heller’s life celebration, his grandmother (Mapa) said these words:

“Many people have mentioned the fact that this tragedy (the loss of our sunshine) is heightened by the fact that it happened around Christmas, and they wonder how we will ever get through another Christmas.

Christmas is Christ’s day and we will continue to celebrate Jesus on that day! But December 22nd will be a day reserved for celebrating the life of Heller, and we will celebrate on that day (and perhaps a few days prior to) the way he would want us to. On that day, we will go out and make a change, do a good deed, and let the world know that a little boy once lived for that special reason.”

So, on December 22nd, Heller’s friends and family will honor his memory by spreading random (and deliberate) acts of kindness to others. We encourage you to go out and spread some kindness of your own.

Then, if you would like to, please leave a comment or send an email to and share what you did, what you witnessed, or what others did for you so we may share Heller's impact with others. So we can remember that we are still celebrating his life!

Have You Received a Kindness Inspired by Heller?

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Help this Site Grow Because of Heller

This year, we are making the choice to look forward to December 22nd! We cannot wait to share Heller's kindness with others. We know there will be difficult times as the date grows nearer, so we look forward to stopping by this site during those times to see what kindnesses are growing and to share stories of our kindnesses as well.

Please feel free to send an email to with any suggestions, comments, thoughts, or ideas about how we can make December 22nd even more special "Because of Heller."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spread Kindness Like Peanut Butter!

Some of you will recognize the contents of this post, but for those who are new to Random Acts of Kindness Because of Heller, it is worth sharing once more!  
The Game:
It was a silly game, yet important enough to encourage the purchase of a king-sized mattress to fit our growing family of four (almost five).  Each night, we would lie together on the mattress, telling jokes and stories of our day.
“Bread!” I would yell from my outside position on the mattress, throwing my arm into the air.
“Bread!” My husband would return from his far side.
“Peanut Butter!”  Jenny would cry.
“Jelly!” came Heller’s giggling voice.
Then, we would crush together into the tightest family sandwich possible.
It was a silly game.  And, it was everything. 

Emergency Care Help Organization
According to its website, The Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO Brandon FL) provides immediate relief in the forms of food, clothing and household items to those residents of the greater Brandon area that have experienced a recent emergency. Since its inception in 1987, ECHO FL  has assisted over 109,000 individuals, over half of whom were children, with the basic life necessities. When families experience an unexpected emergency they are often faced with the decision paying the bills or buying food for their families. 

In addition to gently used clothing, towels, blankets, and household items,
Most needed items include:
  • Canned meats
  • Jelly
  • Peanut Butter
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned Pasta
  • Rice
  • Macaroni and Cheese
Because of Heller
ECHO is an organization that was special to Heller. For this reason, each year we do our best to offer what we can to ECHO to fill some of the organization's needs. We call it our PB&J Drive. Please let us know if you would like to collect and donate goods, but are not able to deliver them.  We will be happy to carry your kindness for you during the week of December 22nd.
Click to Learn More About ECHO and How You Can Help.

For those who do not live in the area, search your local charities and see how you can help!  To someone, you could be everything.

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